About Us

Xaperni was created by anglers for anglers on the premise that every fishing trip, whether a big tournament or just a great weekend with your best fishing buddy, is as successful as possible.

How? Fast shipping and no BS are engrained in our DNA. We carry a carefully curated selection of the top baits and gear-- from the top brands to the obscure small niche brands-- to make sure you’re the one with the winning bait. 


Things Xaperni Takes Pride In:


Our #1 goal is to make buying Xaperni online as easy as possible. We aim to provide a shopping experience that is second to none.

Customer Service

What is a company without the staff behind it to make the customer's life easier? We make sure to have top-tier customer service representatives to provide each customer with the best service possible.

Fast Shipping

We go above and beyond once an order is placed to get it picked, packed, and on its way. That way you spend less time waiting and more time fishing.

Quality Product at Low Prices

Xaperni carries only the finest products on the market. We offer the best deals possible within the guidelines of our manufactures and distributors.


We have a wide range of bait for popular freshwater species like Bass, Trout, Panfish, Walleye, Pike & Muskie, Salmon, and others. We take pride in being a fully-stocked-shop for anglers alike.